Building bridges to opportunity

A drug discovery and development incubator

Pipeline 1

Innovations in diabetes and obesity

Aretaeus is invested in a promising pipeline of small-molecular agents for the treatment of Type I and Type II diabetes mellitus and obesity. The pipeline also includes a candidate for male contraception.  Additional opportunities for metabolism based therapeutics are being explored in the oncology and neurology.

Pipeline 2

Rectal suppositories revisited

Aretaeus is affiliated with a venture dedicated to exploring the unused potential of suppositories for the managment of common conditions



Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Aretaeus offers a portfolio of Chief Medical Officer (CMO) services to support start-up, virtual- and small- biopharmaceutical companies. Services extend along the full value chain of clinical development from the first in human (FIH) transition, over tailored clinical development and clinical study design, to post-authorization safety oversight.