Project Pipeline

  • ARE 001

    Managing meal-time glucose spikes remains an elusive goal for many insulin-treated patients with diabetes. ARE 001 aims to put an end to "swings and roudabouts" and the catch-up cycle of high blood glucose peaks and hypoglycaemic valleys.

  • ARE 002

    Patients with morbid obesity face severe restrictions in activities of daily living. ARE 002 is foreseen to be an oral agent that leads to noteworthy sustained weight loss. 

  • ARE 003

    Type 2 Diabetes mellitus is the leading cause of blindness and end-stage renal disease in adults. It is characterized by a progressive loss in insulin secretion. ARE 003 promises to protect islet function making it the first truly disease-modifying oral anti-diabetic agent.

  • ARE 004

    Aside from physical barriers and abstinence there are no means for contraception targeted at males available today. ARE 004 is intended as a safe reversible pharmacological contraceptive for men.